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Courses Offered


  • One of the most popular options for civil services exam
  • Suitable for science based students such as Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Veterinary and other Biological science students
  • The subject is interesting in the sense, the student gets to know places and happenings all around the world
  • Easily scoring subject because − a section on map is for 60 marks in both the papers


Public Administration

  • One of the most popular options
  • Suitable for Arts, MBA and law students
  • Students get to know both Government and public management
  • Suitable for students who are interested in current political development and political analysis
  • Needs good proficiency in English language


  • Suitable for candidates from any discipline
  • Comprehensive class notes
  • Study of sociology helps in better understanding about the society we live in
  • Helps in interpersonal communication
  • Aids better adaptation in ones environment
  • Enhances ones social intelligence


  • One of the widely preferred subjects.
  • Suitable for students with any background.
  • Easy and simple to understand since no concept involved.
  • Comprehensive class notes given for paper 1 and paper 2.
  • Helps the student to score well in general studies mains paper (history, current affairs, national and international issues etc) and interview. Because he understands the historical background of all issues better.


  • Suitable for all candidates who are interested in Tamil Literature


  • Scoring in Mains
  • Comprehensive Class notes
  • Help to tackle interviews
  • Any background, Any one who is interested
  • Overall Personality Development
  • Successful adaptation in any environment in future
  • Interesting to read as one studies about himself and other fellow human being.

Political Science

  • Suitable for all candidates those who interested in international relations, and political subjects

What is Anthropology?

  • Anthropology is the study of the human species and its immediate ancestors.
  • Anthropology is holistic in that the discipline is concerned with studying the whole of the human condition: past, present and future.
  • Anthropology studies, biology, society, language, and culture.
  • Anthropology offers a unique cross-cultural perspective by constantly comparing the customs of one society with those of others.

Why Anthropology is studied?

  • To enable the assessors for social and cultural dimensions of economic development.
  • To execute the development projects in the cultural dimensions, where the planners ignore often.
  • Anthropologists work with local communities to identify specific social conditions that will influence the failure or success of a development project.